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Public Finance & Policy Development
Public finance and policy development generally entails examining economic activity and analyzing the relationship to government budgets and taxation. This includes the evaluation of legislative & regulatory proposals and the potential impact on the economy and public resources. Elliott D. Pollack & company also advises the Governor's Office and the Arizona Legislature on matters of policy formulation and revenue collections.

Services for the Maricopa County Office of Management and Budget
Elliott D. Pollack and Company provides economic and budget forecasting for Maricopa County's Office of Management and Budget. The firm provides a full range of services for OMB including analysis and projections of County and State economic activity and short and long range forecasting of tax revenues. The services provided have resulted in improvement and greater accuracy in the County's three to five year budget projections.

Maricopa County Economic Forecasting Review
Elliott D. Pollack and Company was retained by the Maricopa County Internal Audit Department to undertake a review of economic forecasting practices and techniques used by the County's Office of Management and Budget. The purpose of this audit was to (1) review the County's current forecasting practices and comment on forecasting accuracy, reliability, assumptions and economic models and (2) provide recommendations for improvement and modification of the existing forecasting efforts.

Arizona Department of Commerce
Elliott D. Pollack and Company has conducted analyses on the fiscal efficiency of state tax credit programs and has authored reports related to the State's tax policy and economic base.  Company staff also peer review agency publications.

Greater Phoenix Economic Council
Elliott D. Pollack & company has analyzed and quantified the effectiveness of proprosed legislation in terms of the fiscal impact on the State of Arizona.